Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m getting a “Module Does Not Exist” error in Xcode after installing the Skafos iOS Framework..

Make sure you’ve followed the integration guide, using either CocoaPods or Carthage as your dependency manager. After you’ve run the install commands in your terminal, open up a fresh project workspace and clean house (cmd + k, cmd + shift + k).

Sometimes you get the Module Does Not Exist error if you haven’t done a project build for the first time. Try building and see if the error persists (if you installed the framework correctly you shouldn’t see it anymore).

2. Where do I generate an API Token?

You can generate and revoke API tokens for your account under the Account Settings page of the dashboard.

3. My model is not updating after I deployed with Skafos…

There are a couple things to check to make sure you see the model update after a deployment:

If you’ve check each of these things and are still having trouble, reach out to us on Slack and we will provide assistance.

4. I cloned an example app and am getting some errors…