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  • Upload Your Models from Create ML and Finder

    Download our app to enable share sheet support.


    To install, double click on the Skafos.dmg file and drag the icon into the Applications folder.


    When you first run the app you will be prompted to enter an API key with which to upload model versions. If you don’t know how to create an API key please see our documentation.

    macOS app Initial Screen

    After you’ve entered your key, you may quit the app. Now you can share files directly from Finder or Create ML from the share sheet.

    In CreateML the model sharing functionality is in the upper right hand side of the window.

    macOS app Initial Screen

    Upon selecting the Skafos share extension, you may navigate your organizations, apps, and models to select where to upload your new model version.

    If you do not have any apps or models, please create them in the dashboard before trying to upload models.


    We use the following open source libraries in our macOS app.