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    A recommended functional architecture looks something like this:

    Platform Overview


    You build with Skafos as an Organization (either an individual or a team of collaborators). For a given organization, Skafos has the following components:


    An Application on Skafos represents an iOS app integration. Create a new application for each new iOS app that has a unique Bundle ID.

    The structure for a typical application is shown on the left and a more complex application is shown on the right:


    Utilize application Environments to manage model version deployments to either:

    Learn how to set Skafos environment keys in your iOS app.


    Models represent a component of your application powered by a machine learning artifact.

    Model Versions

    Model Versions are deployable machine learning artifacts such as Core ML or TensorFlow Lite files ready to run inference on-device.

    Development Tools

    Skafos provides three development tools to get started.

    Python SDK

    A Python wrapper for uploading, fetching, and listing model versions from the platform. Install the SDK from PyPI using the pip package manager:

    $ pip install skafos

    Follow the link in the header to get to the SDK Documentation.

    iOS Framework

    An iOS framework for managing model deployments in your mobile application. Visit the Integration Guide for usage details.


    A web-based user interface designed to help you do the following:

    Create New App Integrations

    Manage & Deploy Models

    Send Background Updates

    Learn how to enable push notification model updates for your app.

    Monitor Models & Devices

    Create a free account and login to get started!

    Review Push History


    We’ve assembled a collection of resources to help you learn and start using Skafos today.

    Integration Guide

    Learn how to integrate your app with Skafos.

    Using Skafos with External Platforms

    Uploading Models from Mac OS

    Code Examples

    If you prefer to learn by example:


    Read through our set of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

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